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Getting busy...

Having created a 'happy art space' in the lean-to attached (sort of) to the back of our house I had run out of excuses not to create the art I had been craving the space to do! So, here I am looking for more excuses...

A busy family life and needing to earn a regular income can dampen even the most enthusiastic da Vinci's amongst us. So, actually getting down to it remains my greatest challenge. I see artists I trained with exhibiting and displaying AMAZING work and I feel shyly guilty.

Shyness has always been another obstacle/excuse. I am hoping that by creating this website I will be encouraged (forced) to actually fill it with new work!! I will be putting-myself-out-there as a legitimate artist. It is time...

But with no heating and a drafty roof, that studio at the back of the house is pretty damn cold just now!

My studio when it was just new and tidy!

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