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First Order!!

I have spent the last few days creating an online shop for my website and loading up products to sell. It was prompted by a lovely couple of friends of mine who, during these crazy lockdown times, were joining a scheme to encourage children to write physical letters to the older members of their families who might not have access to the internet and might be experiencing awful loneliness. These friends asked me if I had some cards that could be used for such a purpose and I set to work straightaway. I drew the doggy at the postbox, letter in mouth ready to spread the cheer! I then realised I would need an online forum for selling them!

Hence the busyness! Well, I got as far as adding the payment button to the cart and there my technical-know-how fell down. Ho hum.

I now have a PayPal business page and can receive payments through that I think! Progress!

Anyway, I have just been to the post office to post my first order! It felt very good!

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