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Portraits and Commissions

I am building up a portfolio of portraits, both in oils and other drawing media. I began life drawing (clothed, then!) at the tender age of 13 when my wonderful art teacher, Mr Clegg, encouraged me to attend his Saturday morning life classes at Rochdale Art College. I felt so grown up and it was truly exciting to feel like a budding figurative artist! Many years later (not going to say how many) I still attend classes and still practice my skills with both drawing and painting from life. There is nothing quite like having a model sit for hours for you.

I do draw and paint from photos too as it is not always possible to get people to sit for you. The photo has to be 'right' though. I can only get excited when I am engaged with an image. I prefer faces that are not too smiley; maybe just a hint, think Mona Lisa! Teeth are too cheesy. I even quite like a bit of grumpy!

So, with the right pic I will paint/draw a portrait for you. I take ages so give me plenty of notice if you require it for a certain date!

Fees on application...


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