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Leah Fletcher Art

I studied fine art and drama at Middlesex University in London before heading to Paris for a couple of years to train to be a theatre practitioner.
I still manage to do both (just!) and here is where I would like to display the art work I have done.  Art work that makes me happy.

Nope 1.jpg
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Welcome to HipHipQuack

Leah Fletcher Art

This is my work.  From illustrated Children's books,  to drawings and portraits in oils.  There are a few cards here too.

HipHipQuack Leah Fletcher Art

Fun with colour

Vertigo Witch help_edited.jpg
Hetty by Leah October 2018.jpg
Turkey front  Portrait .jpg

New Writing

Witch Way Up

A colourful children's book exploring fears and the power of friendship in overcoming them.

Oil Paintings

Portraits in Watermixable Oils

Portraits from life and from photographs using water mixable oil paints.
Commissions make unique and lasting gifts.

Greetings Cards

Add a little humour...

Original cards for sale.

Thanks for submitting!

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